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How to get Jamplay guitar course for Free

One of the most popular online guitars learning community is Jamplay. With more than 465,000 members, Jamplay has become one of the best places to learn guitar. Here in this Jamplay review, we will try cover all the aspects of Jamplay in brief.
Jamplay was launched in 2006. They amazed the people around them with more than 5,350 guitar lessons along with 82 certified instructors. But how this website is helpful to the beginners? How would you be able to learn guitar with the help of Jamplay? Read on to this Jamplay review for finding out everything you need to know.
Format overview
The format of Jamplay is quite similar to Guitartricks. You will find the lessons tab at the top of the dashboard. There are four phrases under dashboard- Beginners, Genres, and Skills, Songs and Songwriting. The website is simple to navigate, and the videos are played very smoothly on the site. You can change the speed of the videos to 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and full speed. So, you can slow down the video whenever you want.
Most of the videos on Jamplay are filed in HD quality and recorded in a dedicated soundproof studio.

The videos are made very professionally, and they are beneficial to the users.
Beginners Lessons
If you are new to guitar then, you might not know the basics. This is why; Jamplay has arranged all the lessons in details especially for the beginners for free like guitar tricks 14 days trial coupon. Jamplay caters very well for the beginners, and the instructions are easy to follow. For example, Lisa Pursell takes the 68 lessons for the beginners. Everything is covered in these 68 lessons. From opening the chords to creating the solo-you will get to learn everything that a beginner needs.

Advanced Lessons from jamplay

Jamplay does not just have lessons for beginners. They have covered for the professionals or advanced players as well. While the beginners learn the small and easy guitar techniques, the advanced players learn advanced songs and techniques.
Different Styles
Jamplay offers lessons in a broad range of guitar playing styles-both techniques and songs.

You will able to explore different genres of guitar music and lessons such as blues, metal, fingerstyle, classical, rock, pop, jazz, bluegrass, country, funk, surf, RnB and a lot more. So, no matter which style you prefer Jamplay has you covered.
Live Courses
One of the unique features that I have to mention in this Jamplay review is its live courses. The instructor will stream live lessons from the studio over a few weeks for teaching a particular style or technique. They will even offer you homework and tablature.
Free Lessons
In addition to the paid tutorials, there are free lessons as well. You can access these lessons without paying the membership fee.
Jamplay offers a very affordable price. The monthly fee is only 19.95 dollars for full access membership. If you compare it with the regular price of the guitar lessons classes, then it is 50% cheaper.
I highly recommend Jamplay to those who want to learn guitar in a short time.

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