Wayne Chambers was born in Crewe, VA in 1948. Some of his earliest memories are as a young boy drawing in the fields and forest on his family’s small tobacco farm. Drawing came naturally to him. In 1968 he moved to Richmond and worked for Phillip Morris USA for thirty-one years. Wayne became inspired with the cityscapes and skyline views of Richmond and began to vigorously paint them leading to his one man show at the Ross building in downtown Richmond in the early 80’s. With a stroke of good fortune, the Retail Merchants Association bought out his entire show. From then on he started to document the historical side of Richmond in his works. These paintings can still be viewed in their gallery at 5500 Monument Ave.

Wayne painted for the Merchants Association for 15 years until in 2000, when he came to Savannah on a three week vacation. There he painted many of the historical homes including the famous Mercer House landing a contract with the owners shortly after. Enthralled with its rich history and majestic outlook, Wayne decided to make Savannah his permanent home and set up his own gallery in the area.

Presently, Wayne is teaching watercolor classes for Georgia Southern University at the Coastal Georgia Center, Savannah and has a permanent display at the Beaufort Art Association Gallery. Look for Wayne’s newest gallery coming soon to Savannah Georgia’s Gallery 11 in City Market sometime in June 2017!